Research and Thought Leadership

GIACC’s goal is to promote and support research and thought leadership activities and studies that will foster and sustain best internal audit practice in the public sector and collective advancement of the community

Through our Research and Thought leadership activities we explore and promote innovation and experimentation within public sector internal audit. We support the development and adoption of new tools and approaches by convening the community, sharing expertise on best practices and offering insight from lessons learned. In this manner we are able to leverage advancements already underway within the membership.

We partner with the private sector and professional associations on initiatives to help our members build and promote their risk-driven and outcome oriented horizontal advice and assurance services to senior management.

Research and Thought Leadership Committee

The Research and Thought Leadership Committee develops and oversees research that explores current issues, emerging trends, and future needs that will impact the public sector internal audit landscape.

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  • 2021 – GIACC Study on Emerging Risks and Evolving Role of Internal Audit in Response to the COVID-19 Environment – in collaboration with the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation and the Institute for Internal Audit Canada
  • 2019 – Study on How Internal Audit Can Help Ministry Clients with Cybersecurity Risks – in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Computer Science)
  • 2016 – Study on The Internal Auditor as an Agent of Organizational Learning – Enhancing the Value of Internal Auditing in the Public Sector – in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs