Annual Learning and Exchange Forum

The annual Forum provides members from all jurisdictions with an opportunity to further develop their expertise, to network with other trusted leaders, and to strengthen their public sector knowledge.

2021 Annual Forum

The GIACC annual Forum was held in September. The year’s theme was – Strength through Sharing.

During the two-day virtual event, members discussed the effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on government operations and its impact on internal audit in the public sector. They compared notes on best practices in risk mitigation and shared jurisdictional practices in human resource management in a pandemic work environment. Members learned more about leading fraud assessment and management activities in the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador jurisdictions. They also explored the role of internal audit in large-scale public sector transformations projects.

2020 Annual Forum

The annual Forum adopted a virtual format for the first time in 2020 as a results of restrictions imposed by the pandemic. On the agenda:

  • The role of internal audit in re-emergence from COVID-19
  • Risk exposure and tolerance assessment
  • Lessons learned in business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Return to work assurance
  • Internal audit competencies and training requirements for the future

2019 Annual Forum

The 2019 annual Forum was held in Iqaluit (Nunavut). Along with jurisdictional information sharing, members took part in several sessions focused on refreshing the organization’s vision and defining its strategic direction.