About us

The Government Internal Auditors Council of Canada (GIACC) is a pan-Canadian public sector internal audit thought-leader, sharing knowledge in best and leading practices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a knowledge leader in internal audit, driving Canadian public sector excellence by supporting informed decision-making and performance improvement. GIACC members exchange information to support improvement in internal audit research, methodology, practices, and professional development for the internal audit profession.

Our Mission

  • Advance the internal audit profession (e.g., research, methodology, practices)
  • Promote the value of internal audit
  • Engage stakeholders (e.g., audit committees, deputy ministers)
  • Develop tools for communicating and information sharing between jurisdictions
  • Exchange information to leverage new technologies affecting internal audit
  • Enable the recruitment, development and retention of professional and multi-disciplinary teams of internal auditors
  • Develop tools to promote effective reporting and stakeholder relations
  • Build partnerships with national and international professional associations
  • Comment on professional standards
Contributing to sustainability and accountability
GIACC is sustained by annual member contributions from each jurisdiction. The membership has shared accountability for the allocation of resources.
Sharing information and experiences
To foster information exchange and networking, GIACC holds nine (9) general membership meetings annually (January – June / September-November) including an Annual Forum. The Forum provides all jurisdictions with an opportunity to further develop their expertise (e.g., best practices, methods and tools), network with other trusted leaders, and strengthen their public sector knowledge. 
Thought leadership
GIACC supports thought leadership by conducting research and writing articles on current issues, emerging trends and future needs of the Canadian public sector internal audit community.  It partners with professional audit organizations and private sector firms to foster and sustain best and leading practices and to further professionalize the Canadian public sector internal audit community.
Measuring and celebrating success
GIACC measures its success, and benchmarks its capacity, to support continuous improvement and informed decision making. Results are reported to the membership as part of GIACC’s annual planning process. 
GIACC Awards  
The GIACC Awards program celebrates significant contribution to the field of public sector internal auditing in Canada. While there will be an annual nomination, awards may not necessarily be handed out every year.  

Meet the members

Membership includes Chief Audit Executive or equivalent representation for each of the federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions.

The Federal and Quebec jurisdictions have two  designated members due to their size and the complexity of their structure.

Our members