Internal Audit Careers

GIACC members are working together to capitalized on opportunities to recruit, manage and develop our talent base to ensure that public sector internal audit functions have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to deliver on our commitments. We are always looking to expand and diversify our internal audit talent pool.

Jurisdictional job posting sites

Professional Development

We seek out training and professional development opportunities that will allow the public sector to meet current and future internal auditor’s needs.

We are partnering with professional associations to provide our members with tailored information exchange events as well as value-added group learning and training options.

Key Competencies for Internal Auditors of the Future

  • Demonstrates an understanding of key organizational risks and controls
  • Adopts an investigative and proactive approach, and draws on sound knowledge of standards and guidelines and other relevant models and policies
  • Knowledge of technology based audit techniques
  • Uses relevant technical expertise and knowledge to support a position effectively
  • Synthesizes a large amount of complex information into a coherent picture
  • Identifies key issues in a complex situation
  • Reports findings and conclusions by appropriately weighing all relevant facts, providing a balanced and fair assessment
  • Efficiently identifies, locates, and applies all relevant professional requirements and information when investigating an issue or topic
  • Identifies multiple causes and implications of a problem across a broad context
  • Ability to understand and detect fraud indicators
  • Ability to recognize deviation from accepted organizational management practices
  • Interpersonal and client relations skills – builds strong rapport with stakeholders and colleagues
  • Project management skills – Anticipates and actively manages project and business risks and implements effective corrective action when problems arise
  • Actively listens to understand the impact of issues and perspectives of others
  • Oral, written and presentation skills – Is tactful and clear when explaining methods, findings, and conclusions to stakeholders and colleagues
  • Curiosity, confidence, professionalism and resilience

Resources for new auditors

Resources for mid-career professionals