GIACC has developed partnerships with the following trusted organizations to enhance public sector internal auditing practices. New partnering opportunities are explored annually.

Professional Associations

  • Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) – GIACC is collaborating with IIA on research and public sector advocacy. We’re also taking advantage of their training and IIA Audit Executive Center resources.
  • Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation (CAAF) – GIACC is a member of the Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation. We’re using the wide range of web-based resources available on their website. We are also working closely with them on a study related to Emerging Risks and Evolving Role of Internal Audit in Response to the COVID-19 Environment.

Academic Institutions

  • University of Saskatchewan – GIACC worked with the University of Saskatchewan Department of Computer Science on their 2019 study “How Internal Audit can help Ministry Clients with Cybersecurity Risks”
  • University of Ottawa – In 2016, GIACC worked with Ottawa University’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs on a paper titled “Enhancing the Value of Internal Auditing in the Public Sector”
  • University of Laval – GIACC provided input into the University of Laval’s research on Internal Audit Ethics.


  • KPMG – In 2021, GIACC partnered with KPMG on the publishing of an article on The Realities of Remote Auditing.